The beauty of granite lasts a lifetime, making it a premium building material. No other material can provide the kind of distinction Granite Polish Services does when installed as countertops or flooring.

However, granite’s gorgeous finish will eventually fade, dull, and scratch. Polishing the stone will restore the brilliant sparkle and give it a new surface.

Granite Polish Services

Techniques used in Granite Polish Services

The polishing of granite can be done with wet or dry materials. On the issue of which are better, professionals are divided. Using either technique can be effective. Wet granite polishing versus dry granite polishing has the following pros and cons:

  1. The cost of dry granite polishing powder is lower than that of paste
  2. Granite polish powder can be used dry or wet, which makes it more versatile
  3. To protect yourself from wet polishing spray, wear water-resistant clothing using power tools, and cover walls, furniture, and cabinets with plastic sheeting.
  4. The pads are kept cool by wet polishing, which prevents them from getting too hot and wearing out prematurely
  5. The cost of wet polishing pads is lower than that of dry polishing pads


How should granite be polished?

Any typical oil will do, such as olive oil or vegetable oil. Buff the granite using circular motions using a soft, clean cloth dipped in oil. Make sure your counter edges are polished! Your granite will look nicer and be water-resistant if you apply oil.

Granite reacts with vinegar in what way?

The granite will look duller, and the sealant will weaken if you use vinegar to clean it – though you can use vinegar for other household tasks! Stone should also not be scrubbed with abrasive scrubbers.

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